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"A quiet boy whose existence seems overshadowed. Father is an assistant manager of Tenel Village. Mother is a housewife. Seems to be without note, but..." -In game bio


The protagonist of Okage, Ari is a teenager who is quite overshadowed, to the point where everybody who does care, recognizes it. Easily overlooked by many, he doesn't really seem to mind much at all. Often disciplined by the woman who runs Tenel's bakery for his quietness, he doesn't even seem to change.

His younger sister, Annie, easily gets simple errands picked off onto Ari, thus he gets the brunt of the errands, most of the time consisting of picking up bread from the bakery. His Mother always gives him pieces of advice for little different things, and his Father often goes on and on about his findings to Ari, for hours at a time. However, compared to everybody else in the family, Ari's Grandmother seems to be the one who notices his presence more than anything, though this could be due to her psychological abilities.

Many of his choices in-game depends on the player, later affecting one of the game's optional events. Some however, can lead to comical results.


As the silent protagonist, Ari's personality is largely decided by the player, with dialogue options deciding how he reacts to various situations (though humorously, characters show no reaction regardless of what is chosen aside from Stan). However, there are occasional glimpses into his own personality, most revolving around his own overshadowed nature:


At the beginning of the game, Ari is seen with his family. As usual, his mother forgets to pick up the bread at the bakery, and asks Annie to do it, but the girl brushes off the chore onto her brother, as always. Going over to the bakery, Ari is once again lectured by the bakery woman for being so quiet. After the lecture, he runs into Annie outside the shop, who then teases him for being so overshadowed, telling him that he's lucky that one person likes him: Julia.

The game then skips over to the next night, which is the night of the circus. Ari's Mother encourages both Ari and Annie to go and watch the circus performance. However, Annie decides to go on ahead, since she already has a date with a boy from town. When Ari tries to leave himself, he is stopped by his father, who begins to talk about a strange bottle that he found a few days before. Two hours later, and Ari finally is able to get away from his father. However, upon arrival to the tent, he's greeted by Julia and another boy, who tell them that the circus is over, and leave. Although, Block, the ringmaster of the circus, notices Ari and calls the young boy over, only telling him to be careful, as he is very overshadowed.

On his way back to the house, though, Ari hears the scream of his sister, and upon finding her, sees a ghost running towards his house. Ari's Father comes from the direction of the house, shooing the ghost away. But they're too late, and Annie is lying on the ground, unconscious. The two immediately bring her back to the house, where a doctor is called, and the diagnosis received is a pig Latin curse.

The only choice left is the bottle that, through careful studying, can be used to change fates. Ari's family decides to press their luck, and summon the being that is within the bottle. However, the summoning procedure leaves them with the Evil Butler James, and Evil King Stanley Hihat Trinidad XVI, or Stan for short. Stan hears the plea from Ari's Father to help, and Stan agrees, under one condition: One of the family must become Stan's slave, but must also meet his conditions. Everybody in the family is willing to help, and Ari is unwillingly dragged into it. The condition is that one of the family must have the perfect shadow for Stan, and the results of the contest points to Ari, whose shadow is possessed without haste. Annie is cured that night, with the only side effect that her shadow is now permanently pink.

On the next day, Ari immediately awakens from a nightmare, where he is being chased by Stan. Going outside to get some fresh air, Stan immediately materializes in front of the boy, and demands that they go to Tenel to wreak havoc. But on the way to town, everybody clearly sees Stan as no threat. And upon entering the town, the two are still seen as no threat, and rather, just as a comedy act. However, news about a ghost in the local church are frightening townsfolk, and Stan orders Ari to do something about it, thus the two enter the church, and after barely avoiding to become its lunch, the two defeat the ghost.

Outside town, everybody is waiting for Ari, and is calling them a hero. Stan then takes this for his entrance, and announces his status as Evil King. But, like earlier, everybody takes it for a simple comedy act, and laughs it off. As the two exit town after the crowd leaves, they're stopped by someone who explains that someone is distributing maps of Evil Kings. Stan, being annoyed at this, demands for Ari to find one of the said maps, which leads the two to the bar, where they find a drunk Block. Block explains that there's more than one Evil King, and even the map says so, and tells Stan that he knows about his status as Evil King.

A look at the map reveals that there are several Evil Kings, and that Stan is nowhere to be found on the map. Furious at this, he calls for James who quickly arrives and explains that the current Evil Kings must have stolen Stan's power. Stan's next order for Ari, after this, is to go and hunt down all the Evil Kings. The next day after this, Ari is woken up by his family, who give him a proper sending off, and beginning Ari's journey. Before he leaves, though his Mother gives him a music box, telling him to give it to a girl he falls for during his journey.

On the way to the next town, Ari encounters a ghost, and Stan prompts for him to defeat it. However, Ari soon finds himself surrounded by ghosts, and just as he's about to give up, a woman with a pink parasol appears, and defeats the ghosts without problem. She disciplines him for not having a proper weapon, and gives him a sword, and leaves as hastily as she arrived. Stan mocks Ari for not being able to defeat the shadows, and tells him to continue on. On the way, they meet Gutten Kisling, who is standing in their way, apparently doing research. Ari and Kisling soon depart, and he continues on his way.

In the next town, Madril, Ari notices three people talking. Approaching them, they tell him to leave, as an Evil King is in the sewers. After gaining more details, Stan prompts for Ari to find the fake, and defeat it. Talking to people leads to Ari finding the same woman with the parasol as earlier, who is part of the Heroes Club. She again leaves with haste, and after talking to more people, Ari finds a way to the other side of town, which was originally blocked off. There, he finds the heroine with the parasol, who soon begins to rant about how people think of her and her parasol. After this, Ari finds access to another blocked part of town.

In the other blocked area, Ari meets group known as the Spotted Cats, led by Maggie. Apparently, the Spotted Cats know the entrance to the sewers, and the only way to get to the entrance, is by helping them, though Stan is a bit hesitant. Not long after Ari's arrival, the Spotted Cat's nemesis, the Whisker Moles arrives, and along with the same woman with the pink parasol, who is apparently their new member. In turn to the notice that the Whisker Moles have a new member, Maggie then prompts that Ari is their new member. But the leader, Robert, reveals that he has Maggie's cat, Dilbert, in his possession, and tells her to meet him in the back, and he can give back Dilbert.

Going to the back, Robert has set up a trap where four boxes are lined in a row, and can only be pushed. Maggie leaves the puzzle to Ari, and solves it easily, without a problem, and opening a path to the back. Due to Ari's speed of solving the puzzle, Robert is surprised, but says that he won't give back Dilbert, since he claimed that he "can maybe" give back Dilbert. The heroine then intervenes, after seeing Maggie beginning to cry, and slaps Robert, who then retreats, leaving Dilbert behind. Since Ari kept up his end of the deal, Maggie tells him that she'll show him the path to the sewers.

As Ari is about to leave, the heroine goes up to him, and introduces herself as Rosalyn. She offers to go with Ari into the sewers, because of the Evil King that resides there. Unknowing that Ari is hunting the Evil Kings, she joins, but much to Stan's disbelief. He tries to shake her off, but it doesn't work well. Thus, Rosalyn temporarily joins the party.

As the two are about to enter the sewers, James appears, to cheer on Stan. Rosalyn, who is clueless about James, thinks of him as a monster, until Stan pretends to be Ari, and tries to shake James off for a bit. Rosalyn ponders at who it was, and Stan replies that James was just Ari's butler. Rosalyn then tells Ari that his shadow is acting strange, and then Stan appears in his shadow form, explaining that Ari was just cursed, and the Evil King has the cure. She buys it, and the two continue on their way into the sewers.

Inside, they immediately meet the Sewer Evil King. Rosalyn proclaims that he isn't really the Evil King, and then Stan shows up, telling him that he is not an evil king, and Stan blows his cover as just being part of an excuse. Rosalyn shows great disbelief in this, and the Sewer Evil King takes this as a challenge. Stan accepts the challenge, and soon after, Rosalyn and Ari take down the Evil King, with occasional help from Stan.

After the battle, the Sewer Evil King, now the Former Sewer Evil King, shrinks in size as his power returns to Stan, and leaves quickly, leaving a piece of a mechanical device behind. As Ari begins to leave, he's stopped by Rosalyn, who begins to tell her story on how she's been looking for Stan, who left a curse upon her shadow. The curse, is the same as what was left on Annie; A pink shadow. Rosalyn demands for Stan to fix it, and even threatens to kill Ari, by placing her sword near his neck. Eventually, Stan tries to negotiate with her, and gets Ari out of danger, but the two argue into the night.

After the argument, and at the hotel, Rosalyn finds a way to get Stan to temporarily disappear, and tells Ari her next plan. In a nearby town, Rashelo, Princess Marlene is supposedly going to be visiting. Rosalyn then explains that the Princess may be the only way for Ari to get rid of Stan, without any casualties or trouble. This is then decided, that it will be the next town to visit, and the next day, they head off.

Over on the second floor of Madril, though, Ari meets a teenager named Linda, who is asking people to hear her sing. Ari is one of the few people who is willing to listen, but as she begins to sing, Stan prompts for her to stop singing. With a bit of encouragement towards Linda, he departs, from both her and the town, and continues on his way. Outside of town, they meet Gutten Kisling again, and after a bit of talking, he too joins the team.


Listed below are Ari's specials. The * indicates that Ari begins with this special. The  --------  indicates that this special is learned at a predetermined point in the game. The  X  indicates Stan will use this special at a random time. Otherwise, the number indicates what level Ari will learn the spell at.

  • [*] Overdrive - Intensifies offensive ability (1 Ally).
    • 15% HP cost.
  • [*] Decoy - All enemies attack Ari (Self).
    • No cost.
  • [Lvl 4] Mend - Restores 30 HP (1 Ally).
    • 4 LP cost.
  • [Lvl 8] Night - Casts sleep spell (Enemy Group).
    • 1 LP cost.
  • [Lvl 12] Blaze Sword - Flaming blade they'll not soon forget (1 Enemy).
    • 5% HP cost.
  • [Lvl 20] Heal - Restores 80 HP (1 ally).
    • 8 LP cost.
  • [Lvl 24] Blizzard Sword - Freezes enemies in interesting poses (1 Enemy).
    • 5% HP cost.
  • [Lvl 32] Revive - Recover from KO (1 Ally).
    • 10 LP cost.
  • [Lvl 36] Lightning Sword - Lightning edge illuminates opponents (1 Enemy).
    • 5% HP cost.
  • [Lvl 40] Slumber - Casts sleep spell, strong (1 Enemy).
    • 3 LP cost.
  • [Lvl 45] Restore - Fully restores HP (1 Ally).
    • 12 LP cost.
  • [Lvl 52] Life Spark - Revives ally and fully restores HP (1 Ally).
    • 20 LP cost.
  • [--------] Friendly Thunder - Attribute neutral attack Level 1 (All Enemies).
    • 20% HP cost.
  • [--------] Friendly Blizzard - Attribute neutral attack Level 2 (All Enemies).
    • 40% HP cost.
  • [--------] Friendly Inferno - Attribute neutral attack Level 3 (All Enemies).
    • 60% HP cost.
  • [X] Burning Devil - Fiendish Fire Assault (All Enemies).
    • No cost.
  • [X] Raging Devil - Rain of Flames on Enemies (All Enemies).
    • No cost.
  • [X] Crushing Devil - Crushing Fire Assault (1 Enemy).
    • No cost.


  • In the Japanese version, Ari's character design had his eyes wide open. This was toned down in the western release.

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