(not to be confused with Big Bull as an Enemy)

"A nice guy who loves blood, sweat, and battle. Dreams of establishing a school for muscle men and creating a muscle paradise." -In game bio

Big Bull was formerly the Big Bull Evil King. He is a strong, athletic fighter who loves battle. He is rather dimwitted however, which disagrees with Rosalyn and Stan, but he's too excited to be a member of the group to notice or care.

He has a crush on Linda but it appears to be unrequited.


Scroll Name Description Stats Shop/Location Acquired
Battle Manual Scroll describing how to fight. Atk +20 Starting Equipment
Pants Name Description Stats Shop/Location Acquired Cost
Infantry Pants Stretchy fabric allows easy movement. Dfns +5 Starting Equipment
Blood&Sweat Pants Dfns +6 Triste Shop
Inferno Pants Dfns +8 Highland Village Shop


Ability Name Description/ Effect HP/LP Cost Level


Wild Cry Causes Enemies to Flee 1 HP 25
Cold Knuckles Ice element attack 5% HP 27
Charge Increases ATK power (1 Ally) 4 LP 30
Flash Punch Thunder element attack 5% HP 33
Flame Weak Fire attack (All Enemies) 2 LP 36
Defenseless Lowers Enemy DEF 4 LP 44
Fire Med Fire attack (All Enemies) 5 LP 48
Super Charge Increases ATK power (All Allies) 10 LP 53
Blaze Strong Fire attack (All Enemies) 59