Block, originally known as Ringmaster, is later revealed to be the Circus Evil King.


Block initially displays irresponsible and alcoholic tendencies, but is by far the most benevolent of the Fake Evil Kings, and is the only one that Ari does not have to fight. He tries to uplift those around him and encourages them to defy the laws of Classification.


Block is one of the first to comment on Ari's weak presence and thin shadow, in a subtle attempt to steer Ari away from ending up in Triste the way he himself eventually does.

When Block later encounters Ari in Triste as he had feared, he explains his personal theory that as shadows become thinner others are less likely to notice them, but comforts him saying that in a way, they're outlaws of conformitive society. He tries to help Ari by teaching him to him find his voice and assert himself.

He's confronted by Phantom Evil King who doesn't understand Block's motivations in helping Ari as a fellow Evil King. Block explains that though he was formerly the Circus Evil King, he gave what power he had to the Sewer Evil King who has been long defeated.

Phantom Evil King warns him that he's risking his good favor with "that man" but Block is unwavering in his decision to restore Ari to the World.