Healing Items

The main healing items are varieties Nuts and can be purchased at shops, found in chests, or commonly dropped by enemies.

Item Description Effect Enemy Drop Shop Available Cost
Nut Great for a snack. Recover 50 HP All 10
Big Nut Bigger and better. Recovers 100 HP • Pospos Spa

• Triste

Miracle Nut Quality nutritious nut. Recovers HP completely
Bountiful Nut Enjoy with your friends. Recovers 50 HP for all
Wild Strawberry Wakes you up with sour power. Recovers 25 LP • Triste 500
Whim Berry Increase/Decrease is random luck. Recovers ? LP

Status Recovery Items

There are numerous afflictions that can be cured with abilities or items.

Item Description Effect Enemy Drop Shop


Energy Flower Heavenly Beauty. Recover from KO All 150
Purging Stone Brings pure Winter mountain air. Cures Poison All 10
Alarm Charm Could wake the dead! Cures Sandman* Pospos Spa
Big Boss's Charm Gets your nerve back. Cures Evil Eye** Pospos


Bunny Charm Relaxing? No way! Cures Turtle Pospos


Rust Off Charm As if youth returned. Cures Rust
Sommelier Charm Such impeccable taste. Cures LPDrain PosPos Spa
Mega Charm Rarity that repels all curses. Cures all curses Triste 1,000
Cheerful Stone Envelops with a spring flower scent. Cures Lock Pospos


Mega Stone Rare Stone with 4 powers. Cures Tox/Sleep/Seal/Paralyze Triste 400

*In-game description incorrectly states that it cures Evil Eye.

**In-game description incorrectly states that it cures Paralyze.

Battle Items

There are items that can be used to produce offensive attacks or inflict curses, but are not found in shops. They're found in treasure chests or more commonly as enemy drops, especially from Urns. Despite being items meant to produce the effect of specials, they function like abilities in that they require HP or LP in order to be used, though usually less than abilities.

Item Description Effect HP/LP




Black Cat Jewel Reminicent(sic) of darkness itself. Halves HP of all enemies and Allies
Burned Bottle Red Dragon's scale inside. Fire Element Attack* -10 HP
Frozen Bottle Petal of ice inside. Ice Element Attack** -10 HP
Skull Bottle Scorpion's shell inside. Inflicts Poison -5 HP
Sleeping Bottle Black sheep slumbers inside. Inflicts Sleep -5 HP
Ordinary Bottle Futility of commoners inside. Inflicts Seal -5 HP Highland Village Shop

222 Sukel

Dungeon Items


Candies are consumable items that provide a permanent boost to a particular stat. They are rare and cannot be reused or purchased from shops. They're found in treasure chests or very uncommonly dropped by specific enemies, though Epros' Soul Binding Special can be used to acquire them at a higher rate.

Candy Description and Effect Enemy Drop Location of Monster
Agility Candy +1 Agility Growling Lion Big Tree Hole
Defense Candy +1 Defense Celestial Wyvern Addashi Desert
Life Candy +5 Max HP Pink Elephant Pospos Snowfield
Heart Candy +1 Magic Bedhead Walrus Sealed Cave
Lucky Candy +1 Luck Rayless Sea Ray Deep Grave Pit
Power Candy +1 Attack Daring Dino Deep Grave Pit