Referred to in-game as simply "Eqpt," Defensive Equipment is gear that characters can equip to increase their defense, and occasionally other stats.

Ari's Clothing



Description Stats Shop/Location Acquired Cost
Ordinary Outfit Nothing notale, mere casual clothes. N/A Starting Equipment
Clean Outfit A new line with a trendy style Dfns/Eva/mEva+1 Madril Shop 30
Fancy Outfit Impeccable fashion-minded garb. Dfns+3 Eva +10

mEva +1

Rashelo Shop 310
Durable Outfit For heavy-duty tasks. Dfns +5

Eva/mEva +1

Wandering Peddler 1,100
Custom-made Wear Custom made for exceptional comfort Dfns +7

Eva/mEva +5

Pospos Spa Shop 10,000
Latest Outfit Cutting edge but a little pricey. Dfns +10 Eva +1 mEva +10 Triste Shop 49,800
Natural Outfit So natural you won't even feel it. Dfns +12 Eva +10 mEva +1 Highland Village Shop 145,000
Reunion Outfit Eva /mEva +10 Gift from Marlene

Rosalyn's Armor



Description Stats Shop/Location Acquired Cost
Swordsman Armor Light armor appropriate for long battles Dfns +4 Starting Equipment
Chief's Armor Improved quality. For the team leader. Dfns +6 Madril Shop 1,250
Magical Armor Repels misfortune with miraculous power. Dfns +9 mEva +10 Treasure Chest in Madril Sewer
Honorable Armor Only for those swordsmen with honor. Dfns +15 Pospos Spa 12,000
Hero's Armor With the genuine Hero's Club seal Dfns +17 Triste Merchant 55,500

Kisling's Labcoats

Labcoat Name Description Stats Shop/Location Acquired Cost
Wornout Coat Dfns +6 Starting Equipment

Triste Shop

Starchy Coat Crisp finish gives a clean impression Dfns +9 Wandering Peddler

Pospos Spa

Triste Shop

Battlefront Coat Worn by veteran medic. Smells of battle. Dfns +10 Sealed Cave
Stately Coat Dfns +13 Triste Shop 51,000
Basics Only Coat Dfns +18 Highland Shop 130,000

Big Bull's Pants

Pants Name Description Stats Shop/Location Acquired Cost
Infantry Pants Stretchy fabric allows easy movement. Dfns +5 Starting Equipment
Blood&Sweat Pants
Dfns +6 Triste Shop
Inferno Pants
Dfns +8 Highland Village Shop

Linda's Dresses



Description Stats Shop/Location Acquired Cost
Stage Dress Gorgeous dress that enchants all. Dfns +12 Starting Equipment/Highland Shop 45,000
Treasured Dress Legacy of a singer who died before debut. Dfns +13 mEva +10 Treasure Chest in Deep Grave Pit
Celeb Dress Dress can overwhelm the unable wearer. Dfns +15 Highland Shop 90,000

Epros' Tuxes



Description Stats Shop/Location Acquired Cost
Dazzling Tux Well tailored formal battle suit. Dfns +6 Eva +8 Starting Equipment
Conjurer Tux Made durable for dangerous shows. Dfns +12 Pospos Spa 100,000