An example of some enemies from Okage: Shadow King.

Enemies are encountered through one of two ways: In one instance, Ari will be walking through the area that bridges two towns or in a dungeon, which allows for random ghosts to materialize out of thin air and chase him. If these ghosts come into contact with him, a battle will occur. Okage: Shadow King's battle system is turn-based, meaning each side's forces make their move to either damage enemies or heal the party to some extent, or do one while the other teammates handle the other objective. The other enemies are encountered through scripted events, such as the confrontation of an Evil King, or ghosts, such as in the Tenel Chruch Basement, or on the bridge in Tenel Forest. Below are listed the enemies for each area.

Tenel Forest

  • Maneating Onion: 1 HP.
  • Perky Frog: 2 HP.
  • Square Rhino: 4 HP.
  • Airy Bunny: 7 HP.
  • Chicken Chicken: 9 HP.
  • Tricky Ghost: 13 HP.
  • Wild Cow: 21 HP.

Madril Sewers (Chapter 2)

  • Sewer Evil King: 420 HP.
  • 4 Lurking Rats: 13 HP.
  • Poisonous Shroom
  • Leering Seaweed

Rumille Plains

  • Perky Frog: 2 HP.
  • Lurking Rat: 13 HP.
  • Crafty Crow: 40 HP.
  • Fierce Goat: 40 HP.
  • Plucky Pachyderm: 48 HP.
  • Walken Scarecrow: 78 HP.
  • Young Trent: 172 HP.