Ari is occasionally able to respond in conversation by choosing one of three options. How Ari responds can affect character's reactions as well as compatibility with certain characters.



"Displays details of characters. <Always know your heroes inside and out!!>"

Selecting status displays the complete stats of one ally at a time, whether in the active party or not. Use L1 and R1 to cycle between allies, which are listed in the order they become Ari's allies.

The three circles below HP note Element Affinity, Status Ailments, and Curses, respectively.


"Use items and check their effects. <Don't miss important items!!>"


"Use LP consuming skills and HP consuming skills. <You can count on Specials in a pinch!!>"

View and use Specials


"Check and change character's equipment. <Defeat ghosts with powerhouse equipment!!>"

Wepn - Weapons

Eqpt - Defensive Equipment

Gurd - Guard Equipment


"Change configuration of the game <Change it so that you can play the way you like!!>"

  • Text Speed - Adjust text speed
  • Sound - Adjust Stereo or Mono sound output


"Quit game and return to the title screen. <Please note that data will not be saved!!>"

Battle System

Okage is a traditional turn-based JRPG, though it does have a few unique quirks.

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