Evasion and Magic Evasion are Hidden Stats in Okage: Shadow King. Unlike the other stats, they are not listed in the character status screen in the menu, but otherwise function similarly.


Evasion (Eva)determines the frequency that enemies will miss when attacking physically, while Magic Evasion (mEva) affects the frequency of dodging magical attacks. They are quantified like other stats, with each character having a unique baseline. Certain weapons, defensive equipment, and guard equipment can increase a party member's Evasion and Magic Evasion, although only a few pieces of guard equipment acknowledge it in their descriptions.

Party's Evasion and Magic Evasion

The tables below outline party member's base Evasion and Magic Evasion, as well as the hidden bonuses in certain pieces of equipment.

Party Member Evasion Magic Evasion
Ari 0 0
Rosalyn 5 0
Kisling 5 5
Big Bull 5 0
Linda 10 5
Epros 25 25


Evasion: 0 Magic Evasion: 0

None of Ari's weapons provide evasive bonuses, though most of his outfits do.

Outfit Evasion Magic Evasion
Clean Outfit +1 +1
Fancy Outfit +10 +1
Durable Outfit +1 +1
Custom-made Wear +5 +5
Latest Outfit +1 +10
Natural Outfit +10 +1
Reunion Outfit +10 +10


Base Evasion: 5 Base Magic Evasion: 0

Only one of Rosalyn's weapons and one piece of armor provide bonuses to Magical Evasion, while none increase her Evasion.

Name Evasion Magic Evasion
Sparkling Rapier 0 +1
Magical Armor 0 +10


Evasion: 5 Magic Evasion: 5

Kisling's Ghostomicon provides a significant boost of Magic Evasion, as do his labcoats, making him the party member with the highest possible Magic Evasion.

Name Evasion Magic Evasion
Ghostomicon 0 +50
Battlefront Coat +10 +10
Stately Coat 0 +20
Basics Only Coat +5 +5

Big Bull

Evasion: 5 Magic Evasion: 0

None of Big Bull's equipment offer any evasive bonuses.


Evasion: 10 Magic Evasion: 5

Only one dress provides a bonus to Linda's Magic Evasion, while none of her other equipment affect her Evasion.

Name Evasion Magic Evasion
Treasured Dress 0 +10


Evasion: 25 Magic Evasion: 25

Only one of Epros' weapons and tuxes have evasive bonuses, though he does boast the highest base Evasion and Magic Evasion in the party.

Name Evasion Magic Evasion
J of Diamonds +5 +5
Dazzling Tux +8 0

Guard Equipment

Some guard equipment increases Evasion and Magic Evasion, though it's not listed in their descriptions. The Ring and Amulet sets do hint at it by saying that they help avoid attacks or spells, but below is a table outlining their exact evasive stats.

Name Evasion Magic Evasion
Heatwave Ring +1 0
Mirage Ring +5 0
Daymare Ring +10 0
Aves Amulet 0 +1
Crow's Amulet 0 +5
Owl's Amulet 0 +10
Hand Knit Cap +1 +1
1st Star Badge +5 +5
Omnibooster +5 +5