Isle of Wap-Wap

"Welcome to the Isle of Wap-Wap. It's also known as Travelers Isle. The Island's open to all the world's travelers (in monotone)." –Woman in Black
The Isle of Wap-Wap is the hub for the stone circles scattered throughout Okage: Shadow King.


Isle of Wap-Wap Birdseye

Isle of Wap-Wap Birdseye View

The Isle of Wap-Wap is the largest, central island in a small archipelago. It's surrounded by the ruins of what appears to have been a circular tower or fortress.

The Isle of Wap-Wap itself has no buildings or structures aside from the ring of stone circles and the surrounding structures and islands are inaccessible.

A mysterious Woman in Black stands on the island's precipice and welcomes newcomers, briefly explaining the nature of the island in monotone. She mentions that anyone may use the island and the stone circles as they see fit and that anyone is welcome there.


The ruins that encircle the Isle of Wap-Wap extend from other islands into the ocean. This suggests that the islands in the archipelago may have once been hill tops on a larger body of land that suffered a flood, leaving the area and ruins submerged in water.

The history of the ruins, the frequency of the island's use, and even where the Isle of Wap-Wap is located in relation to the rest of the world, is otherwise unknown.