"The prettiest girl in this town would have to be Julia. She has a neat and clean air about her." –Old Beauty Lover

"So you're some macho tough guy, now? You're going further and further from my ideal." -Julia

Julia is a villager of Tenel. She is Ari's only friend at the beginning of the game, and is a potential romantic interest. 


Julia is introduced as Ari's only childhood friend and is described by the other villagers as a very attractive tomboy. She is direct about her thoughts and feelings and will often state them openly, but is somewhat obstinate and uncompromising. She describes her ideal partner as someone who won't protest when she doesn't cook or squanders money on shopping sprees.

Relationship with Ari

Julia and Ari have been friends since childhood. Although their relationship is looked upon favorably and even enviously by others, Julia doesn't appear to hold Ari or their friendship in high esteem.

She doesn't often listen to what he has to say and doesn't seem interested in finding out. She tends to make executive decisions based on her own assumptions about Ari rather than consulting him or hearing him out. 

Julia toys with Ari's emotions on several occasions, for example asking Ari to ask her on a date, for the explicit purpose of turning him down and telling him that she already has a date with someone else. 

When Stan causes Ari to experience an increase in popularity, Julia explains that her dream husband is a quiet and subservient person who will let her do whatever she wants without complaint. She confesses that she had feelings for Ari because she believed that he could be that person due to his softspoken nature, but then bluntly tells him that he no longer fits her idea of a model partner and she is no longer interested in him, both romantically and as a friend. 

Despite this, Ari can try to pursue a relationship with Julia. If the player maintains the highest compatibility with her by Chapter 5 by selecting silent or passive dialogue options and not favoring anyone other than Julia, she'll reward you with an Owl Pendant.