"An ecclectic, dedicated scholar of spooks. Stalks pretty girls under the guise of doing field work. Loves clipping toenails for fun." – In-game Bio
Gutten Kisling (shortened to Kisling in-game) is a scientific scholar and protagonist in Okage: Shadow King. He specializes in ghosts and supernatural phenomena.


"...Based on that theory, in order to establish a feasible hypothesis to plot empirical data we must...the retreating figure in the drizzling rain, on a dark and cold road and other metaphysical metaphors...bending time and reality! And there you have it!!" – Gutten Kisling
Kisling is a scientist and an eccentric. He is supposedly capable of engaging in philosophical and metaphysical conversations with other scholars, although it mostly sounds like nonsense to everyone else.

But in spite of his scholastic pedigree, Kisling is known to creepily hound women in the name of science. While he is seen to be flirtatious at times, whether he actually abuses his scientific merit to harass women, or whether such things are simply misinterpretations of his odd behavior is unclear.


Kisling's claim to be a respected member of scientific society is surprisingly credible. He has been studying ghosts for many years, and his academic work has apparently been very valuable to other researchers in his field. He and his work are well known and highly regarded among the Madril researchers, for example.

Before he becomes a friend, Kisling is encountered blocking the way, muttering to himself in a combination of large technical terms and gibberish.


Weapon Name Description Stats Shop/Location Acquired Cost
Ghost Basics Atk +5 Starting Equipment/Triste Shop 410
Ghost Pictorial Atk +10 Wandering Peddler/Triste Shop 1,600
Ghostologos Antique book detailing extinct monsters. Atk +15 Escapeless Abyss
Worldly Ghost Handbook on connection w/folklore in world. Atk +20 Pospos Spa/Triste Shop 17,000
Ghostosystem II Atk +30 Highland Village Shop 130,000
Ghostomicon Atk +60 Sealed Cave*

*Requires Forgotten Sword

Labcoat Name Description Stats Shop/Location Acquired Cost
Wornout Coat Dfns +6 Starting Equipment

Triste Shop

Starchy Coat Crisp finish gives a clean impression Dfns +9 Wandering Peddler

Pospos Spa

Triste Shop

Battlefront Coat Worn by veteran medic. Smells of battle. Dfns +10 Sealed Cave
Stately Coat Dfns +13 Triste Shop 51,000
Basics Only Coat Dfns +18 Highland Shop 130,000


Ability Name Description/Effect HP/LP Cost Level Learned
Spell Suction Drains LP (All Enemies) 10% HP
Storm Med Thunder Attack (1 Enemy) 2 LP 12
Speedy Increases Speed 4 LP 15
Flaming Tome Fire element Attack 5% HP 19
Burden Slows Enemy Group's Speed 4 LP 23
Mega Storm Thunder Attack (Strong) 5 LP 32
Hyperdrive Increases All Allies Speed 10 LP 37
Paralyze Paralyze Single Enemy (Strong) 8 LP 42
FreezeBook Ice element Attack 5% HP 47
Maximum Voltage Super Strong Thunder Attack 8 LP 52
Immobilize Immobilizes Enemy Group (Med) 8 LP 57