(not to be confused with Linda as Teen Idol Evil King)

"Former Teen Idol Evil King with cute smile. Admires Evil King Stan calling him Coach. Possesses a musical, magical, pop heaven voice." -In game bio
Linda is a singer and protagonist in Okage: Shadow King. She starts as a street performer in Madril, but with dedication and brainwashing she eventually becomes a pop sensation.


"Oh, the loving touch of Ari, as he laid his hand softly on my shoulder as I stood on that lonely street corner..."
-"I didn't do that!"
-"I'll never forget it as long as I live..." –Linda
As a self-proclaimed teen idol, Linda values love very highly. She is often blissfully unaffected by any turmoil around her, and that combination gives her a uniquely idyllic, if reductive, worldview.

Linda has a tendency to see situations in terms of romanticized teenage drama and frequently misconstrues them entirely.


Linda is first met as a busker in 2F Madril.

Ari and Stan come across her on Madril's second story. She coerces Ari into listening to her song but Stan interrupts her and insults her. When she becomes depressed Ari attempts to cheer her up and she seems to develop a crush on him, asking him to come hear her sing again. Stan will later give her advice on lyrics and a title for her song

Later on, Madril is suddenly enthralled with Linda's singing and her voice is playing all over the city. It is revealed she is actually the Teen Idol Evil King and battles the party. After she is defeated she joins them. It turns out it was Stan she liked, thinking Ari was a "dorky doll" attached to him, much to Stan's discomfort and Ari's dismay.

This crush seems to fade however after Epros joins the party as he becomes a reluctant target for her affections.




Along with using a microphone to deliver hits to her enemies, Linda has a moveset that mostly consists of assisting her teammates. She has the ability to heal her teammates and dances that effect the whole field. Her offensive skills involves her blowing an unwanted kiss to her opponents to inflict damage.

  • [*] Omni Concert: Decreases speed (All Enemies)
    • 10% HP cost
  • [32] Charmer: Increases Critical Hit (Area)
    • 4 LP cost
  • [34] Deflector: Reduces magic damage 50% (Area)
    • 4 LP cost
  • [36] Match: Evens out everyone's speed (Area)
    • 4 LP cost
  • [40] Replenish: Restores 70 HP (All Allies)
    • 15 LP cost
  • [42] Full Power: Increases damage done (Area)
    • 4 LP cost
  • [45] Thunder Peck: Thunder Attack (One Enemy)
    • 5% HP cost
  • [48] Dispel: Removes all spells (Area)
    • 4 LP cost
  • [52] Crimson Kiss: Fire Attack (One Enemy)
    • 5% HP cost
  • [56] Repulsor: Reduces physical damage 50% (Area)
    • 4 LP cost
  • [60] Revitalize: Restores full HP (All Allies)
    • 30 LP cost

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