Madril is a two story city that is constucted mostly of metal and gears located between Tenel Forest and Rumille Plain.


Madril appears to have been built on massive platforms inside a ravine. The town features industrial machinery in its architecture, with gears in particular, being heavily incorporated into its design.

In spite of the appearance of a technologically advanced city, the history and methodology of its construction as well as the use of many of its mechanics is actually unknown to its residents. Enormous cogwheels spin constantly, both in and outside of buildings and Madril's numerous apparatuses produce a greenish smog that covers the entire city.
Madril Entrance

Madril's entrance

The mystery behind the city, its parts, and their potential purposes inspires some residents to collect and glorify gears. Though even gear enthusiasts don't know whether the gears serve a function or are merely decorative.

Madril is divided into two floors connected by an elevator, called an "automatic vertical transporter." The two levels are also divided by class, with the wealthier residents on 2F and the poor on 1F.


When Ari first arrives in Madril, the city is in a frenzy. Children from the first and second floor have formed rival gangs and are at war, the streets are blocked off by loose pipes, mechanical parts and garbage, the Sewer Evil King has been putting up posters recruiting evildoers while sabotaging the city's elevator system, and heroes are lining up to enter Madril's Sewer to hunt for him.

In this mess, Ari encounters Rosalyn again after getting tangled up with Madril's gangs of children, the Spotted Cats and Whisker Moles, they enter the sewer together and defeat the Sewer Evil King.


1F Madril contains the bulk of the city's points of interest, though some are blocked off and are not accessible until later in the game.

Inn: Madril Inn

Hero Club: Braveheart Salon

Bar: Screwdriver Inn

Other Locations:

  • Town Hall
  • Sewage Bureau
  • Mr. Big Inc.
  • Gear Love House

Madril Sewer lies below both levels though is only accessible from 1F.

2F Madril has fewer notable locations than 1F. It does sport a train station, though it's largely inoperable.

  • Research Center
  • Miss Madril's House
  • Robbie's House


Notable Residents


The concept for Madril being a mechanized city with classes divided by separate stories may have been inspired by the 1927 film Metropolis.

Madril's name may have been inspired by the Spanish capitol city Madrid as some buildings in Madril have vaguely Spanish architecture.