Okage Shadow King OST- Pospos Snowfield Theme

Okage Shadow King OST- Pospos Snowfield Theme

Pospos Snowfield Theme

Pospos Snowfield is a wintry expanse of land beyond the Transverse Tunnel.

The only initial entry point is by way of the Transverse Tunnel which becomes available after the Evil King of Chairmen is defeated, or using the so-called Stone Circle once it has been activated.


Tiny Gear x 8

Power Candy

Bandit Shoes


As its name implies, Pospos Snowfield a large snowy field on the edge of the world connected to the Rumille Plain by the Transverse Tunnel. It's lined with snow-covered trees, dotted with snowmen, and is home to the Pospos Spa and hotspring which houses both an Inn and Shop. The Old Guy With a Loud Voice makes his home along the banks of the frigid river that runs along the southwest of the field, just outside of Triste.


Upon entry, the party meets Big Bull Evil King who challenges them to take part in a test of strength. He suggests a "more manly venue" such as the Big Tree Hole in the Forest of Willkur. If the player progresses further, Phantom Evil King appears to introduce himself and warn the group that beyond is not the world the party knows and is familiar with.

Notable Locations

Pospos Spa

  • Innkeeper
  • Impressed Bather



Sealed Cave (Dungeon)

Triste (Town)