"Hot springs are a friend to a chilled body. Welcome to Big Bull's beloved spa. Pos Pos Spa"

The Pospos Spa is a small outpost located by the entrans to the Transverse Tunnel in Pospos Snowfield. While not a full-fledged town, it does provide the amenities of one, sporting both an Inn and the Impressed Bather's shop.


Pospos Spa is a chalet style spa built by a natural hot spring. It's owned and lovingly run by Big Bull who presumably employs the Innkeep. Perhaps due to its remote location, the only residents Ari meets are the Innkeep, Impressed Bather, and Down to Earth Young Man.


Big Bull accosts the party when they first enter Pospos Snowfield, just outside of his spa. He challenges Stan to meet him in the Big Tree Hole to host a competition of strength.

When Ari uses the magic square at the bottom of the Madril Sewer, Big Bull thanks Rosalyn for freeing him from the curse of being an Evil King and says he'll return home to his spa.


Pospos Spa has no accessible locations aside from its foyer.

Impressed Bather's Shop

Notable Residents