Rashelo is a coastal town in the Rumille Plain located quite literally on the water.


Rashelo is built on wooden platforms and docks over the ocean. It's known for its clean air and is a popular vacation spot, especially for citizens of the heavily polluted Madril. According to Kisling, Rashelo's main industry for the town is fishing, given its location and natural resources.

Concept art reveals that Rashelo is built over submerged ruins, with the only building still accessible being the Aquatic Ruins.



Bubble Evil King making his announcement

Ari and party are brought to Rashelo by the Map O' Evil Kings, but upon arrival they find a crowd and learn that the Princess Marlene has also travelled there. Beiloune, the princess's steward informs the throngs of townspeople that Marlene plans to pray at the Aquatic Ruins as part of an ancient royal ceremony and as she cannot be disturbed, access to the ruins will be temporarily restricted.

Throughout the day both Stan and Rosalyn form plans concerning the princess when she returns, but instead find the Bubble Evil King on the rooftop of the town square who yells that he has the princess and is holding her there at the Aquatic ruins. Rosalyn is enlisted by Beiloune and Rashelo's Mayor to retrieve the princess, to her delight. She asks to bring Kisling as a supernatural expert and Ari as her...protege. Stan begrudgingly agrees in order to reclaim his stolen power.


  • Inn
  • Lighthouse
  • Mayor's House
  • Seafood Restaurant


The Rashelo shop offers these products for purchase:

Item Name Effect Cost
Ordinary Sword Atk +10 40
Nameless Sword Atk +15 470
K of Clubs Atk +20 150,000
Defensive Equipment
Item Name Effect Cost
Clean Outfit Dfns/Eva/mEva +1 30
Fancy Outfit Dfns +3 Eva+10 mEva +1 310
Item Name Effect Cost
Nut Restores 50 HP 10
Energy Flower Revives KOed Party Members 150
Purging Stone Cures Poison 10
Guidance Jewel Warps to Dungeon 10

Notable Residents

  • Rashelo Mayor
  • In the Dumps Lighthouse Keeper
  • Man In Love With Miss Madril