While subtle, there are a number of sidequests in Okage: Shadow King. Most sidequests are only lightly hinted at, if at all. The sidequests are ordered by appearance, but while several appear and can be started early on, many cannot be completed entirely until later in the game.

Love Fortune Teller Masters

While it's more of a game mechanic than a sidequest, Ari is presented with dialogue options in response to other characters, questions, and situations. Sometimes, other characters will ignore him or will respond the same way, regardless of what the player chooses. Although it appears that your choices don't have a bearing on the story, this is actually not the case.

From the beginning of the game, Ari's responses affect his compatibility with six characters (Ari's Father, Julia, Stan, Rosalyn, Marlene, and the Mysterious Woman in Tenel Forest).

By speaking to the Love Fortune Teller Masters No. 1, 2, an 3 located at the inns in Tenel, Madril, and Rashelo respectively, the player can find out which Ari has the highest compatibility with. In Chapter 5, the Love Fortune Teller Masters will tell Ari that they're packing up and moving on but will suggest Ari sees the person he's most compatible with.

If he does, that person will give him a unique item that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game. It's recommended that a player should carefully decide which of the six items they want, as they can only obtain one.

There are two main methods of increasing compatibility: 

  1. Choosing options that show direct favor, such as defending someone in an argument. Opportunities for this appear most often for Rosalyn, Stan, and Marlene making them easier to establish compatibility with.
  2. Choosing options that conform to your target's ideal, such as being enthusiastic, unassertive, comedic, etc. Because there are fewer opportunities to speak with Ari's Father, Julia, and Mysterious Woman, their compatibility relies more heavily on this method.

Ari's Father

Cheerful, enthusiastic, and diplomatic responses will increase Ari's Father's compatibility, as well as agreeing with, flattering, and humoring him. His reward is the A of Spades, Epros' strongest weapon. 


Being subordinate, rude to others (not Stan), stroking Stan's ego and supporting his desire to spread evil and chaos will increase his compatibility, as well as siding with him in arguments and insulting Rosalyn. His reward is a permanent stat boost of +5 DEF and +5 LP


Choosing the most quiet, passive, and indecisive dialogue options, avoiding other women like the plague, and favoring her in conversations will maintain high compatibility with Julia. Her reward is the Owl Amulet which increases Magic Evasion, an invisible but existent stat.


Agreeing with Rosalyn, insulting Stan and choosing heroic responses increases her compatibility. Keeping her in your party is advisible to allow for more opportunities to do so. Her reward is the Gallant Rapier, her strongest weapon.


Showing subservience to Marlene, kindness, and familiarity (such as addressing her as Marlene instead of Princess) will increase her compatibility. Her reward is the Reunion Outfit, Ari's strongest armor. 

Mysterious Woman

Choosing options that favor no one, holding everyone at arms length, and being as caustic and sarcastic as possible will result in compatibility with the Mysterious Woman. Her reward is the Daymare Ring, an accessory that increases Evasion, an invisible but existent stat.

Resell Miniquests

While not full sidequests, there are a few instances in which non-playable characters will give you items that you can sell later for minor profit.

• Early in the game when you first enter Tenel, you can speak to the Butcher who will sell you Ground Beef for 20 sukel. The following day, his stock will be depleted due to the water shortage and will ask to buy it back for 30 sukel.

• After defeating the ghost in the Tenel Church cellar and restoring the town's water supply, you can speak to the Blacksmith who will give you a Fruit Knife. This can be sold to the Assistant Boy in the Madril weapon shop for 300 sukel. If you decline, he'll increase his offer to 400 sukel.

Item Exchange Sidequest

Presumably due to her senility, your Grandmother gives you a Mere Pebble to give to the Baker while seeing you off you off for your adventure. But doing so will initiate the quest and reveal her life lesson that even objects that appear useless have value and can be just what someone needs.

The Baker tells you that she has a gap in her oven just the size of your Pebble and gives you Bread Crusts in thanks.

By the bridge near the circus tent, a Wandering Artist is sketching the river with charcoal but has no eraser. Bread Crusts however are a good substitute and he exchanges one of his old brushes for them.

Sword of Gear

32 Tiny Gears litter the ground throughout the various locations in Okage: Shadow King, but are not visible and can only be found if Ari steps on them. While 32 exist, only 30 are needed to receive the Sword of Gear, Ari's strongest weapon.  

Cyphertext Sidequest

After defeating the ghost in the Tenel Church basement and restoring water to the town, Tenel's elder will ask for you. When you speak with him, he'll inform you of a secret organization that uses coded messages called cyphertexts. He give you the first cyphertext and if you solve the riddle, and find the member in the location it descibes, you're considered a member yourself. 

Member/Location Cyphertext No. and Description Cyphertext Solution
Village Elder in Tenel

Cyphertext 1

Mystery doc from the elder of Tenel.

"Sdnuorg eht ot og s'tel ereh si sucric eht."

Written backwards, it reads:

The Circus is here let's go to the grounds

Creepy Guy by the circus tent in Tenel

Cyphertext 2

Mystery doc from creepy guy at the circus by Tenel








Rearranged in numerical order, it reads:


[Knock three times on the side of town hall of the machines]

Sidedoor of Madril Town Hall

Cyphertext 3

Mystery doc in the peephole by the Madril Town Hall




With the blank second row filled in with the letter alphabetically between the top and bottom row (ex C is between B and D) it reads:

b t q  k x  b  k h e  e:

c u r  l  y  c  l   i  f  f 

d v s m z  d m  j  g g

Man on the curly cliff by the circus in Rumille Plains

Cyphertext 4

Mystery doc from a man from WCO by the circus tent

" X <- Station -> O"

Cyphertext 5
Cyphertext 6
Cyphertext 7

Miss Madril Sidequest

After you defeat the Sewer Evil King and you have access the elevator to the 2nd level of Madril, speak with the beauty pageant winner, Miss Madril. She tells you that she's looking for someone "with spiky hair, intense eyes, who dresses well and will accept [her] with open arms" to be her "Prince Charming".

Research Center Sidequest

On the 2nd level of Madril, there's a building of scientists who need money to fund their research. Once Kisling joins your party, they'll ask for increasingly higher donations in exchange for the products of their research. The amount you give has no bearing on the items you receive so feel free to choose the less expensive option.

Amount Donated Reward
10 or 50 sukel (optional) The Researcher offers you thanks which Kisling happily accepts.
100 or 500 sukel Frozen Bottle (Area Ice attack)
1,000 or 5,000 sukel Power Candy (Permanently increases ATK +1)
10,000 or 50,000 sukel Black Cat Jewel (Halves All enemy HP)
100,000 or 500,000 sukel

Omnibooster (Accessory: +5 ATK/DEF/LCK/AGL/EVA/mEVA)

Message in a Bottle Sidequest

Hopkins' Forgotten Sword

In several dungeons there are doors that are blocked by a "mysterious power." These doors can be opened with the hero Hopkins' former sword, known as the Forgotten Sword.

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