Known formally as Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV, Evil King Stan, Stan is the one and only Evil King and reincarnation of the Great Evil King Gohma (or so he claims). Sealed away in a bottle, Stan is forced to use the shadow's of others to exist in the world.


In general, Stan isn't exactly the paragon of evil. While he rants on about doom and destruction he easily helps others, often without realizing what he's doing or covering it up with claims of evil intent all along. He is very childish and throws tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants or things don't go his way, but he has moments were he picks up on things even the other members don't notice.

His interactions with his companions is scathing at best, treating them all as his servants. He usually butts heads with the hero Rosalyn, calling her a 'pig woman' and insulting her figure. He often yells at Ari, blaming him if something goes wrong or scolding and insulting him if he does not seem evil enough.

Stan's role in battle is to lend his aid should Ari's health drop too low. Occasionally Stan will use an attack called Burning Devil that deals heavy damage to opponents. Stan does regain his true form and powers before the final confrontation, but will return to Ari's shadow, preferring to lend his support that way.

Depending on the player's choices you can take place in the Stan Gift Event which results in a stat boost.