Status Ailments


Turtle- The Action Bar's speed of the victim slows down.

Saint- The victim of the curse is damaged whenever he or she attacks an enemy.

LP Drain- Whenever the victim of the curse uses an LP Special, the amount of LP the character would normally use increases. The curse intensity increases every time the character performs an action.

Death- When cursed with death, the Fate Timer appears at the beginning of battle. Each action the victim takes counts down on the timer. When it reaches zero, the character cannot perform any action. The effects of the curse intensifies with each ghost encounter.

Sandman- Character begins battle in a state of Stage 1 Sleep.

Evil Eye- Character begins battle in a state of Stage 1 Paralysis.

Tax- Profit from killing a ghost decreases.

Rust- Defense ability decreases.

Confuse- Characters won't respond to commands correctly.