"It is probably the so-called stone circle" – in-game description
Stone circles (also called steles and so-called stone circles) are a mode of transportation in Okage: Shadow King.


They appear to be tall stone pillars surrounded by other slabs of stone in a radial pattern. They're scattered throughout the world with each stone circle having its own distinct color, listed below:

Use and Activation

When active, the stone pillars emit waves of light in their respective colors. The player can then interact with them to instantly transport to and from the Isle of Wap-Wap. This allows player to warp to the Isle and then to any other active Stele, rather than walking on foot.

Although stone circles will emit light when they're encountered, if they aren't used to warp to the Isle of Wap-Wap, they will not appear active on the Isle and won't be available for remote transportation. As long as they are used at least once, they'll become active and be available for unlimited use.


Not much is known about the history of the stone circles or the nature of their deactivation. Ari comments that they must be the "so-called stone circle(s)" but the source of this knowledge is not revealed.

They aren't mentioned by other characters, aside from the Woman in Black, so it's unknown if other people are similarly able to use or even perceive the stone circles, or if they're only usable by Ari as a result of Stan's magical influence.