(not to be confused with Linda)

Linda fights under the name Teen Idol Evil King to achieve world fame and conquest through the power of song. Originally writing unpopular songs about love, after speaking to Stan and Ari, Linda changes her strategy to forcing Madril's citizens to love her by brainwashing them.

She waits for the party on the lowest floor of the Sealed Cave in Pospos Snowfield.



The Teen Idol Evil King hides within the Sealed Cave and has an HP of 2400. She is accompanied by four Shrewd Bear minions (each with an HP of 140). Her boss battle involves frequent status effects, where Shrewd Bears poison your entire party while Linda has a few other status effects that she'll inflict on you, such as slowing down your action bar or putting you to sleep.

After winning the battle, Linda gives you a "Long Screw", completing the "Voice Recorder".


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