Tenel is an average sized village tucked away in grassy woodland of Tenel Forest. It is the home of Okage's main character, Ari who lives on the outskirts, just outside its gates.


Tenel village is home to the world's only church, although it's unknown what gods, if any, are worshipped there, even by the townspeople.


Tenel is Ari's home town and where he's lived his entire life with his family. As a result, Ari and his family is well-known by the Tenel villagers. Though he's not popular with his peers in Tenel and often chastised by the adults, he's not actively disliked either. His only friend is the resident tomboy, Julia.

Ari's Father works as Asst. Manager of Tenel Town Hall and his grandmother is friends with the Tenel Baker. His life was uneventful before meeting Stan, but afterward Ari becomes very popular in the village and eventually known as a hero and adventurer.


Inn: Parm Inn

Hero Club: N/A

Bar: Gulp Inn

Other Locations:

  • Blacksmith (Tinker)
  • Butcher
  • Tenel Town Hall
  • Tenel Church
  • Elder's House

Shop Other One General Store

Item Name Effect Cost
Nut Restores 50 HP 10
Energy Flower Revives KOed Party Members 150
Purging Stone Cures Poison 10
Guidance Jewel Warps to Dungeon 100

Notable Residents